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Within the last 13 months, I have adopted a male German Shephard from the CT Humane Society. I was told at the time that he was 3 years old.It didn't take us long to find out that his age was off by 4 years. In training him, I discovered that he had been abused, and the person that abused him was female. He has gotten over his anger issues, and is actually a great dog with a fantastic personality. The problem that I am having is that when I take him for a ride, he does nothing but bark. I don't mean just bark, I mean just bark and run crazy in the back of the vehicle. Is there anything that I can give him to help him relax? I'm worried about his safety, and I don't feel comfortable about giving him drugs. That was the vets first answer. Do you have any suggestions?

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I had this problem before. I just happened to think well maybe his problem was a bad experience from riding in or going someplace that scared him in the car. So I loaded him up a went a short distance to a park. I put up with the bad activity all the way there nd all the way back. Over a period of a single day and about 6 trips to places he seemed to enjoy his bad activity seemed to slow to a manageable state. After another day of this there no problem at all. I was just guessing at the time but it seemed to work. I concluded that taking my dog to places that he liked and back to home safety my car wasn't a threat at either end of the trip so he was OK.

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