Photo How are they with other dogs in the household??? I have a Cavalier King Charles who is very sweet a

This breed will probably take charge of a less dominate dog. Depending on how old and timid your King Charles is he/she may or may not like having a new partner.

Photo up to how many puppies a shih tzu may give birth to?

My shih tzu just gave birth to six. The one died soon after birth though. Typically the have 4-5 pups.

Photo We have a two year old what would he be like with a puppy of the same breed?

Two years ago we got our two year old a companion. Our first is a male. He is a sweet dog, loves feet. The first few days after we got the little girl puppy he wasn't so sure what to think of her. The

Photo How often in one month should I use my male as stud?


Photo is the removal of their tear ducts recomended?

Well, maybe but not necessarily. these dogs are prone to it. Just to be sure, you should ask your vet for advice.

Photo my shih tzu has this black sticky gunk in his ears and i have no idea what it is.does any body know

it prabably ear wax. :p

Photo I have a nine year old shih tzu. is she too old to have puppies safely.

are they too old to give at five years

Photo I am getting a shih Tzu pure bred puppy from a private breeder. She has been e-mailing me pictures o

Yes it is. The puppies are generally born with light noses and they darken over time

Photo How many puppys do shih tzus normaly have?

3-4 pups per birth. there could always be complications with female shih tzus when getting pregnant.. and female pups are more likely to die

Photo At what age to Shih Tzus reach maturity and stop growing?

Usually just after they turn 1.

Photo I have a shih tzu who is will be 2 in May. Her hair has not gotten long enough to - to drape the flo

The Shih Tzu has hair not fur, therefore it will keep growing until you get it cut. My Shih Tzu's hair was almost to the floor by the age of 6 months.

Photo I have a 8 month old Shihtzu, and I can't seem to break her out of eating her poop. It there anythin

I have heard that you can give your shih tzu a little piece of pineapple, the pineapple will make the poop taste bad. Also you may want to think about changing the food you are giving her, it may not

Photo what is the black stuff in my dogs ears?

Ear wax or mites.. :(

Photo my new 15 mos shih tzu is adorable but very strong dog smell. I have bathed her weekly, its not eno

Hi there, You're most likely bathing her too much. All breeds vary but it is advised to bath your dog once every 3 months and in between this time just wipe them down with a damp cloth. Unless, he/

Photo how old does my shih tzu have to be to have puppies

I think the shih tzu will heat around 6-7 months.. but it is not advisable to breed her when she is just less than 1 year as she may not be able to take care of her puppy well as she is still a puppy

Photo I have taken my baby boy to the Vet. every month to get a shot for shedding.I know he shouldnt shed.

He might be allergic to his food and any Cowhide snacks. My girl was going through the same thing, took her to the Vet & he gave me DERM CAPS also told me its a allergic reation to foods I was cu

Photo I am looking to purchase a mini shih tzu and I don't know whether to get a male or female. Is it di

You can get her spayed and you won't have to worry about it at all.

Photo my shih tzu has been bleeding for like 2 weeks and im getting a little concerned and her vaginal ar

Possibliy a urinary tract infection.

Photo What is the difference between a shih tzu and a lhasa apso?

It is said that the Lhasa Apso was bred with the pekingese, creating the shih tzu. The Lhasa Apso has the longest nose, and the pekingese the smallest. The Shih Tzu is medium.

Photo When does a pregnant Shih Tzu start to show?

The Shih Tzu will have a bigger stomach. She will also act a bit differently and probably woulnd't want you to touch her around the stomache.

Photo I have a six month old male shih tzu i just wanna know at what age can I start to breed him?

He has to be older than 2 but younger than 6.

Photo my shih tzu is having trouble goin to the bathroom, when she trys to go potty it only comes out of h

What do you mean it comes out a little? If you mean half way, then, it isn't able to produce that skill yet. I think it's not normal. Just wait about 3 more months, and it should be normal!

Photo I am wondering at what age is a male Shih Tzu is able to get a female Shih Tzu pregnant?

3-5 in human years.

Photo My Shih Tzu seems to be in good health, every few days it throws up, is this normal for this breed o

Our Shih Tzu will throw up if he doesn't eat much during the day, or forgets to. He will basically throw up yellow bile and we encourage him to eat or give him a biscuit. He doesn't throw up too muc

Photo What is the average length between cycles for a shih tzu. I adopted one May and she went into to hea


Photo I have a ten week old shih tzu puppy she's very sweet and active but she tends to breathe really fas

If it breathes really fast after a walk, or after playing, then don't be worried.

Photo I have a 9 month old male shih tzu and i just noticed that his testicles are swollen, i have not no
Photo We have a Shih Tzu that scratches a good deal. After 3-4 vets, we concluded that he has allergys or

I have a 4month old and he tends to scratch alot. My vet told me it could well just be a habit! Not sure if this helps you..

Photo My shih tzu had pups 10 days ago. before the pups where born she went on a walk daily. When can I ta

At around 2 weeks.

Photo My Shih Tzu is 9 weeks old. When can I start bathing her?

I got my Shihtzu at 9 weeks and bathed her the next day, I bouth Puppy Shampoo at Petsmart and she's never had a problem. She is now 11 mos. I have read that they can be bathed once a week, I bathe

Photo I have a 9week old shihtuz pup i have had him a week he was fine until today he keeps going to the t

He has worms. You should see a vet.

Photo I have a shih tzu that is 49 days pregnant and will not eat much food. She's active and playful but
Photo I have an almost 9month old female shih-tzu female.I think she may be going through her menstrual pe

With my shih tzu it lasted about 2 weeks. I bought her a little thing to wear like underwear and I put a human panty liner in it to keep from messes.

Photo How long will a Shih Tzu be in season?
Photo My Shih-Tzu had pups in June 09. When can she be mated again?
Photo my shih tzu just gave birth how long does it usually take before the after birth comes out?
Photo can a 6 year old shitzu give birth safely?

I speak only as an owner that has had 2 litters - Not a professional breeder or Vet! Our 7 year old female has had 2 beautiful litters in the past year - we had only wanted one - but were slow on spa

Photo My Shih Tzu has an itchy spot on his back, he keeps licking it. I can cut his hair and keep tea tree

We had the same problem. You need to take her to a vet that will give you both an oral antihistamine and an antibiotic. Without the antihistamine, it doesn't work. then keep using a topical antibiotic

Photo I have 2 questions. I have a 3 year old Shih Tzu mix (he's a rescue) that constantly licks my microf
Photo I was given a 2 yr.old shih tzu that was living in a appartment i ve had her for 3 mon. now how much

she/he needs sum tym of course...i knw many people hate this...but u must have patience...thats all...she is not like us humans ...havin developed brain!Hope this helps -Sreemoyee

Photo Is it ok to take my Shih Tzu a bath while shes in heat ?

I guess it is as long as she doesn't bleed alots.

Photo i have a 3 yr old .we can't keep under his legs from drying and flaking. he scatches so much that so

I have found that gentle bathing and brushing in the tub removes the itchy scaly stuff and the fresh water rinse to remove shampoo and scales. the rinse again with brown vinigar. it really helped my d

Photo Best thing i can do to help Babbett Dry Eyes. Thay Get Infccyed

See Vet

Photo Mr. Bear is 15 years old he weighs 20 lbs he cant see anymore we feed him half a can of dog food in
Photo Our Shih Tzu has recently begun suddenly to pounce at the children attempting to bite them in the fa

Our Shit-Zhu is very playful and never bites, maybe at times she nibbles on fingers because she is teething. But maybe some training of the dog would help. Because they are very smart dogs.

Photo are they all black and white

no my liitle one is blondie beige and has black only on her face

Photo my sister has a shih tzu 18 months old he has been alterd but gets sexualy aroused whitch lasts almo

I have just got a 1 y old male Shih Tzu dog. I have 2 kids a boy aged 4 and a girl aged 6 the dog is fine with my son but is obsessed with my daughter barks and cry's at her constantly and keeps nibbl

Photo hi i have a 8month old puppy who we love dearly only one problem when we let him out the back garden

Mine does the same thing, she goes out in the yard, when you call her she just lay's there and cocks her head at you - sometimes you can get her to come running to you by offering her a treat. Its ki

Photo I have just got a 1 y old male Shih Tzu dog. I have 2 kids a boy aged 4 and a girl aged 6 the dog is
Photo i have shih tzu that is 16+ years old. she has congested heart failure,she is blind for the most par

I can't answer anything about when to put her down. Just wanted to suggest the simple solution disposable diapers. I have 15 year old Shih Tzu I inherited from my dad about 5 years ago. Dad was too

Photo My Shih Tzu gets groomed every two months. After a month or so I notice he has what looks like catar
Photo I have to give my shih tzu two pills a day but she won't open her mouth for me and when I put them i

Try putting the pills in a small amount of peanut butter. My Shorkie loves peanut butter and swallows the pills with no problem

Photo My Shih Tzu is a beautiful one year old. Her problem is she licks everything a lot. What could be

nothing just to meet someone.

Photo I recently lost a shih tzu at 4.5 years do to congenital kidney issue (over-breeding). I am terrifi

Hi, own a Shih Tzu Dogs. I Purchased my first female Shih Tzu at the Petland Store Dec 2013 In Aug 2015 I purchased the second Shih Tzu male because I want to breed my dogs, in their sale pitch it i

Photo How long do the pups keep there eyes closed . Thak you

2 to 3 weeks and dont say thats not true cause im a breeder

Photo At first I thought he might be constipated, but when I touch his back it's hurts him.

The information on Shih Tzu dogs says that some are prone to "spinal disc disease". Does your dog have a long back? It could be from bad breeding. It says that a well bred dog will have a s

Photo Why does my 3-year-old Shih Tzu spin quickly in circles while waiting to eat her meal or even for tr

Okay, I posted this question quite some time ago and have yet to receive any feedback. I guess this site is not as great as I thought. Will be signing off of Great Dog Site not to return to it again

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