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i have a 10month old german shepherd female, all off a sudden she has become very scared with pillows and if you pick a pillow up she'll run yelping and somtimes even pee herself is this normal? she is also become very fussy with her food and is a little under weight due to not eating ive tried everything but she leaves most of her meals? she seems a scared dog all of a sudden and is extremely wary of strangers and wont let a stranger touch her however shed is now on her first heat is this perhaps just coincidence or could it be because of her heat?

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Have you ever scared your pup with a pillow? How old is she? Or maybe, from where she had came, those people used to do something which made her frightened seeing a pillow.Like my German shepherd was very scared of paper rolls as i used to scold him showing that when he did something wrong. Some dogs do not like strangers to touch them.They think that the stranger will attack them or whatever.Don't worry, these all are normal. I have had 2 German shepherds (trust me). One was male and the other female.The female one was very wary with strangers. Hope this helps :) -sreemoyee

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