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my german shepeherd pup is for 4 months n his height is only 15 inch through head...he is not growin d way a german shepherd he gonna grow???im really worried...

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probably going to die

The answer you got to me is horrendous. Do I know if he is sick? No, but to answer the way that person did was unkind and cruel. Take your dog to the vet and ask about the growing issue. You said he was 4 months old. He should be bigger at this age, but that does not mean he is going to die. It may just mean he was the "runt" of the litter and smaller to start with. There is no dates on these posting so I have no idea when you asked this question. I hope that your dog is ok. But I would take him to a vet for a complete check up and make sure that he is getting enough nutrition, you are feeding him a quality puppy food which actually helps their growth. Good luck and I hope your dog is ok. I just lost my shepherd to cancer and he was just 11 yrs old. All my shepherds have lived to be anywhere from 13-16 years old. I'm looking to get another one sooner than I have done in the past after losing one. But, I miss having a dog and I am a German Shepherd person and always have been. If you got him from a breeder that is reputable I would also contact them. If the dog was ill to begin with then you should try to get your money back and find a healthy one.

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