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The Shiloh Shepherd looks similar to a German Shepherd. They have a large, round head and round muzzle, as well as the same small, brown eyes and triangular ears which stick straight up.  The breed’s thick neck and broad chest indicate its great strength and surprising speed.  Even though their legs are long and their thighs are muscular, their feet are shaped more like a rabbit’s than a dog’s.  They have a long, furry tail. Their coat comes in two variations: smooth and plush. The smooth variety has medium length hair that is rough to the touch while the plush variety has long hair and a large fluffy mane. With both varieties, their coat comes in many colors, usually some form of gray or brown with black.

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They have a large, round head and a round muzzle. They have small, brown eyes and triangular ears which stick straight up. This breed's thick neck and broad chest indicate its great strength and surprising speed. Their legs are long and their thighs are muscular. Their feet are shaped more like rabbit's feed than that of a dog. Their tail is long and furry.

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The Shiloh Shepherd is a sweet and friendly dog. They love attention and being around their families. They are not timid or aggressive even with strangers. They get along with family animals but may be aggressive with other dogs of the same sex. The breed will also sometimes chase other animals. Like the German Shepherd, they are intelligent and should get plenty of mental stimulation. They can pick up on almost all training very quickly and are devoted to their owners. However, they have a tendency to be dominant over other dogs.

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28-30 inches
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80-130 pounds
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General Health

The Shiloh Shepherd, like a number of large to giant breed dogs, is prone to CHD (canine hip dysplasia).  The life span of the Shiloh is about 12 to 14 years of age.

Although this breed is prone to hip dysplasia its hip scores are often better than its German Shepherd relative.

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Shiloh Shepherds are a relatively new dog breed created by Tina Barber who was breeding German Shepherds in New York during the 1970’s.  Her ideal was to recreate the German style of Shepherd she had encountered as a child in Germany, so she began to fine tune her breeding program and eventually developed what became the Shiloh.  The breed received its name because that was what she called her original German Shepherd kennel.  In March 2007, a Shiloh Shepherd named Gandalf made the news by rescuing a missing boy scout.

Shiloh Shepherds are still under development by Tina Barber and all pups that meet the strict requirements are registered within the ISSR.

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The Shiloh Shepherd needs little grooming. The smooth variety does not need to be brushed, but the plush variety should be brushed at least once a week. They may need more brushing if they're shedding all over the house is a problem. They should not be bathed except once or twice a year so their skin does not dry out. The Shiloh Shepherd requires frequent exercise, so they should be walked and allowed to run off leash. They should also do activities which stimulate their mind and their body.

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Ideal Environment

The Shiloh Shepherd is an active and fun family dog. They are devoted to their family and love getting attention. The breed is also normally good with strangers and other dogs. However, they can sometimes fight with same sex dogs over dominance. They are often good with small animals but should be well socialized with them. Shiloh Shepherds are quite versatile: they can live in cold or hot climates and in an apartment or house. They need lots of exercise, such as training, playing games, or running off leash. These dogs also need an owner who has time to socialize them and to give them training.

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