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are siberian huskies good around young children?

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they love children, but if the child is smaller than the dog they might not be ready for a siberian love hug, and these love hugs cant be taken out of the dog , it just the breed and they just love. .. basicly they jump on everyone , no matter how you try to teach them otherwise..

I have a 13 month male husky and he has always done great with any age child. I have cousins that are 3, 6, 8 and 13 and nephews that are 2 mths, 1 and 2. I just give the kids several treats so Duke (my dog) has a good time with them right off the bat. It helps to introduce the dog and child when the dog is a little tired (after a day at daycare or the dog park, etc). This makes for a calmer introduction especially for kids who aren't used to big dogs.

As soon as I got my husky I started training him to confortable around kids by acting like a kid and rewarding him for tolerating it. So I would tug at his ear, poke at his mouth or grab his tail and as long as he stayed calm, he got a treat. Don't get me wrong, don't hurt the dog, just do what a two year old would do and reward the dog for being patient. It seemed to work rather well. Plus this breed is so loving any way, it wasn't a tough process.

totally! if its snowy they might even pull them in a sliegh

Yes! But you must remember that huskies are pack dogs and need a hierarchy. They needs you to tell them who's boss and where their place is. Children don't often know/understand how to do this, so it is your place as the adult/owner to enforce the hierarchy. If you do not, the husky will assume him/herself as more important and dominant to the child. This does not mean they will hurt your child (they're absolutely fabulous with kids), but they WILL manipulate and take advantage if they're allowed.

as soon as I got my husky I trained it to be good with kids. so it kindy depends is it suppost to like kids its how you trained it to be like.

They are great around children. Mine will sit and watch a child play and stuff. Mine is a male and he will let a child pull and tug on him without snapping at them. He loves children. Plus he has grown up around children so That helps


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