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HI. I have a 3 month old maltese. The hair around her little face was getting really long and poking her in the eyes. So my husband and I decided to take her to a local groomer just to get a trim. Well, I went back to pick her up and this woman handed me a little skinny white dog. I looked at her twice and THIS WAS OUR DOG!!!!! The groomer had shaved her down completely!!! I honestly couldn't even tell this was the same dog. She doesn't look the same anymore. She looks more like a chihuahua now!!!!! And now we are devastated..... My question is, how long will it take for her hair to grow back?? Does their hair grow pretty fast?

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I had the exact same thing happen to my maltese puppy and is wondering the answer to your question as well ? did her being shaved ruin her beautiful fur?????

same thing happend to me too.. i was pist off...but luckily his hair grew pretty fast...i would say about a month and a half..

This is a known problem with groomers. They do not know how to groom our beloved breed. The normal hair growth is 2/3inch per month. So she will not be bald for long. Be sure to keep the hair around her nose out of her eyes as it grows. You can use human grade gel to help with this problem. Sorry you had such a terrible experience. Best thing is to do it yourself. After all, it cant look any worse than it does now!!

We had the same thing happen to us! Her hair will grow back very fast. One suggestion is trim around her eyes next time her hair grows. just make sure to hold her steady.

yes it will grow back but it wont be the same

yes it will grow back but it wont be the same

Well the same thing happend to me too, personally I would look for new groomer and tell them you want her to look like a Maltese when they're done, But there hair grows out fast !

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