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Hello out there! We have a 15 week multi-poo puppy we have had him for a month and we are not having ANY Luck potty training him! I have had 3 different large breed dogs and have sucessfully training each of them in 3 days to a week so my frustrations are rising with this little guy not having any desire to go to the bathroom in the right place. Can anyone who has this type of dog please give me some suggestions or tip on what worked for you. Thank you so much! Kimberly

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I am afraid it is the "tincture of time" with this breed. They so much want to please that I had a cage (with paper and water) set up for a "cooling off" period every time their was a mistake. In truth, I have a front and back rug by each door for those times when I would not immediately meet his needs. After three it rarely happened.

I tied my maltese's lease around my waste all day (Saturday) and as soon as he started circling I would lead him to his weewee pad. When he went on the pad he would get a treat....he learned real quick and after a week or so....he never went in the wrong place. He will also go inside on the pad or outside. Good Luck!

easiest way ever ......put your puppy in a pin with a peepee pad on the other side .watch him when he starts to go place him on the pad when he walks off put him back on it after doing that consistently he will understand that that is the place to go . when he's out on the floor playing always put him on pad when you place him back in his cage and be consistent about telling him to go potty when you put him on there every time .if he accidentally goes on the floor in his cage sternly tell him no and place him on pad ,even if he gets close to pad and pees tell him good boy and make a big deal of it so that he gets happy and knows he did something good .just being consistent every time will make him get the hang of it .he will get better I promise .

I agree with the person who kept the Malti on a leash. I take in older dogs that have not been socialized so of course coming from a puppy mill as they do, no one has ever attempted to train them I put a new to my care dog on the leash and slip the loop over my had and we are that close until they understand and cooperate. Maltese have a reputation along with other small dogs that they are hard to potty train. I've had a series of Maltese in my home for nearly 40 years and never failed to potty train with the leash method. It also makes a dog who bonds to you for life. Where I go the dog goes I have one on my lap as I write this but of course at 2 she no longer has the leash. I train to a potty pad and keep one in the bathroom. In no time they associate me going potty with them going potty. I can't say I've ever had one trained in a day, though. I never not have a pad down somewhere but it's usually unused if I'm at home to open the door. I've never had one not be trained in a month. I have a puppy mill Maltese about 5 years old I'm working with now. I had a pad near the back door and noticed she had pooped on the pad evidently just before I got home. I put my coat and purse up and went to take care of the mess and it was gone. I turned to look at her and she was on her dog bed with the poo in her mouth. She was so embarrassed at what she had done she was taking it to hide it in her bed. This is a dog who was raised in a pen with no where to go other than where she laid. When she came to me she would stand up on her clean bed, pee or poop and then lay back down in it. It just goes to show how completely an older neglected dog can want to please. I had never even raised my voice to her voice to her about a mistake and she is that well trained. I always say that the owner has to be trained before the dog is. It takes a lot of attention in the beginning but it pays off big time later. I hope you have the same success as I have had.

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