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I have a one year old son, he seems to be alergic to dogs.His doctor says because he is young it will go away. Is that true? Can i get a maltese?

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Hello, I thought I'd help answer your question with my own experience. I personally have bad allergies (pollen, dust, cats, dogs, etc.) I have had those allergies since I was a child and haven't outgrown them. There would be no way of knowing for sure (realistically) if your son will outgrow them or not. I used to have a Maltese and didn't SEEM to react. I did get sniffley at night, but there were cats that lived upstairs... My dog never gave me any rashes. I could travel in the car no problem. I could put him in my jacket no problem. But that is just me we are talking about and not your son. He would have to spend time with one to really find out. But then agian, ideally Maltese should only be handled by adults and older children... You might want to consider waiting until he is older, Maltese are not normally recommended for small children due to their small size. Sorry if that dissapoints you. The concern is that a young child could pick up the dog and drop it. Or wrestle, or try to ride the dog etc.. I'm sure you would be supervising but it would save you a lot of headache if you didn't have to constantly worry about that. And mistakes can happen in a flash of an eye. Hope this has helped. Poodles are another breed that some people with allergies can handle. They do come in 3 sizes (toy, Miniature, and Standard) That might be something to consider if you decide you need a sturdier dog.

You may also select the Minature Schnauzer as another option.

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