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My daughter is alergic to dogs but it seemed the Maltese did not give her any reactions. Are the Maltese known to be good for people with alergies?

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2 of my 3 children are severely allergic to pet dander. I researched several breeds before deciding on our Maltese. We now have 2 of them and couldnt be happier. The oldest on is 14 months and we are soon going to have surgery for liver shunt but other than that they were wonderful additions to our family. We have had no issues with allergies and they do not shed at all. Best of luck in your search and certainly avoid the pet shops and buy it from a reputable breeder.

Yes.Some dogs have hair,not fur so people with allergies are not affected by them. The shih tzu, the yorkie and many other dogs are examples.Dogs that have hair also do not shed.

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