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We plan to get a Maltese this weekend. There is a breeder who has 2 Maltese puppies at 18 weeks old. But none of them had been given any vaccinations. Should I be concerned about it?

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Yes, I would be quite concerned. I fact, I would dissmiss the idea of those puppies. Firstly because they are meant to leave their mother at 7 - 9 weeks of ago. If left longer, you don't have the opportunity to get her used to your home, and the things you will do for her as an adult. You won't be able to bond with her as well as if she was 8 weeks old.They are already through their socialization age also, which diminishes at about 12 weeks. Secondly, a puppy is already supposed to be through all their vaccinations by that age.

I agree. If the breeder didn't bother to vaccinate the puppies, I wouldn't bother getting a puppy from him.

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