Photo How do I get my Silky Terrier's ears to stand up?

You probably won't be able to. I can't remember the exact term, but it's a genetic thing. My dog, and several other Silkies I know, have floppy ears and they are just as cute as the up-eared ones!

Photo my 9 mo. old silky has tried biting me when i check to see what she has in her mouth (she is infamou

The biting thing may lead to aggression as an adult, that should be addressed as quickly as possible. Taking your dog to obedience classes can help rid her of this bad habit. Young pups like to get in

Photo my silky is three years old and has been diagnosed with LYMPHNOMA CANCER. The pet store won't stand

You need to get a signed statement from your Vet, or whoever diagnosed the cancer. Present that to the store. I suspect the pet store is simply trying to circumvent their responsibility. Get a lawy

Photo Do silkies have fur or hair?


Photo my silky always starts barking and shivering when it starts to rain, is there anything I can do to s

We had to get a sedative for our silky from the vet for whenever it stormed outside. He got very anxious during storms.

Photo Hi I have a 5 month old female Silky and she's been eating her poop. How do I get her to stop?????

I have a female silky as well, who was doing the same thing. try giving her pineapples orbuy some adolph meat tenderizer and spinle that on her food. These two things will make her poop bitter to tast

Photo I'm considering adopting a silky. Do you think a 12-pound silky could squeeze through the 3 3/4" pic

Yes, anyway's dogs like Labs can fit though small holes in the wall. I think the silky terrier can manage.

Photo We adopted our silky when she was about a year old. She's 2 now, well adjusted, but is terrified of

Yes, you can get her as close as possible to a small friendly dog, whenever she gets closer give her a reward(treat, praise). Do that often and that way she'll associate other dogs with good things.

Photo How do I get my Silky Terrier's ears to stand up?

silky's normally after 6 months or so have perked ears naturally. my silky is 6 months and still have not perked. I like him better with droopy ears, personally. I heard that sometimes its just part o

Photo We got a Silky Terrier but she dosent really like to eat much, she plays with us but when we give he

A lot of silkies are picky eaters, but this sounds like a problem. I'd suggest taking her to the veterinarian and having her examined, not eating can lead to a number of disorders down the road for he

Photo I am a second time Silkie owner. My last baby (Loki) was quite old when we rescued him from a parkin

okay, first of all.. silkies are a very dark gray on back and head.. and tummy and legs ashy blonde when puppies. then as they get older, yess they change colors.. mine was almos black an now at the r

Photo I have a silky terrier now who has floppy ears still as a 6 month old. I know his ears may perk up

My name is Amy I own a 10 month old Silky Terrier Named Lil Jack the Nipper- about 6 months is when his teeth all started to come in and his ears started falling down...I started researching and found

Photo I have a silky terrier he is about 10 months. I love him so much and he is very loving towards me an

I used to have the same problem with my silky, Bella, but now she is terrific with children. I made sure to keep her around people for socialization.. when she would start growling or chasing a child

Photo I have a silky terrier, Rascal, and he is about 12 weeks old. I can already see that he's turning g

No, not all Silkies turn gray. The colors do vary, most are a metal bue on the back and blonde around face, legs, and neck. Some even have somewhat of a rough coat around the mid section of their back

Photo I have a silky terrier who is 3, and her hair is still very short! I've never cut it, even when she
Photo I have a Silky Terrier aged two that I recently adopted. She only weighs about 5 pounds and her heig

There is no such thing as a toy silky, But there is the Yorkshire terrier that is a silky look-alike. Silky terriers are generally 8-10 pounds. Yorkies can be up to 7 pounds. Silkies are usually silve

Photo When i got my dog he was a baby and looked like a Yorkshire Terrier. But now he just turned three th

Yes , I am a past owner of a Silky and I also have a Yorkie. The difference is that the Silky is build stronger, and it has a breast bone in the front chest. My silk has floppy ears and has red hair

Photo I have a 6-7 month old Silky or Yorkie...I was told that she was a Yorkie, but now not sure. She has
Photo I have a 6-7 month old female gidget.. I was told that she was a Yorkie but her coat is so different

It can be extremely hard to tell the difference between a silky and a Yorkie. As a puppy the y both start out pure black with tan markings. However, the Yorkie usually has a fuzzier coat than the silk

Photo do the anal glands need to be expressed monthly once started?

It all depends on your dog's diet. If your dog is eating wet food, chances are his anal glands will have to be emptied more often, but not monthly. If you dog is eating dry kibble, his glands will emp

Photo I just adopted a 2.5 year old with AKC Pedigree as Yorkshire Terrier. He weighs 19.8 lbs. and is cl

It might be a Australian terrier. We made the mistake of buying a "yorkie" that was actually a Australian terrier. They are thicker and larger then yorkies. Our's body shape reminds me of a

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