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my silky always starts barking and shivering when it starts to rain, is there anything I can do to stop her from doing so?

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We had to get a sedative for our silky from the vet for whenever it stormed outside. He got very anxious during storms.

This problem was probably present as a puppy and once they are full grown it is hard to train out of them. I'd suggest crating your dog when it storms to avoid injury's she may cause to herself. Or ask your vet about a sedative that is safe for your dog.

This is very common problem in all dogs, even large dogs suffer from it. Sometimes it is so sever the dog will injure itself trying to escape the loud noise. Dogs can sense and smell thunder even long before it strikes. Ask your vet about rescue remedy and administer it to your dog before the storm comes. Do the same for fireworks, which dogs absolutely HATE! also, try to keep your dog crated during the storm it will keep him from injury. Your dog probably tries to hide. If he starts to, allow him to hide in his favorite spot, he feel secure there and if that's all you must do to satisfy him during this storm, then you can allow it.

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