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(Slougui, Arabian Greyhound, Arabischer Windhund, Sloughi Moghrebi, Arabian Sighthound, Lévrier Marocain)The Sloughi is an interesting looking breed with a small round head and long small muzzle. In fact, much about the breed is small, including its tiny brown eyes and petite ears. Their neck is long but not particularly broad. Their legs, too, are very long and thin ending in small feet. Their chest, however, is broad but their stomach is sunken in. One of the most unusual features of the breed is its emaciated appearance.  The breed’s body is so extremely thin their back and rib bones are usually visible. They have a sleek coat similar to a Greyhound which can be brindle but is most often a solid color.  Regardless of their coat color, the Sloughi usually has black on its face.

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The Sloughi is a gentle and calm breed. They are close to their family, but they do not trust or get along with strangers. They do get along with other animals they are familiar with. However, this breed will sometimes chase even familiar animals if they run outside. They are affectionate with their family, including children. They can be somewhat stubborn and do not do well in obedience training.

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24-28 inches
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35-65 pounds
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General Health

All in all, the Sloughi is an extremely healthy breed with only a few minor concerns, such as PRA (progressive retinal atrophy), balance problems, deficient immune system, and hemophilia.  This breed has an average life expectancy of 10 to 15 years.

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The Sloughi is an old breed.  One of its first historical appearances is a book written in Morocco during the 13th century.  While the dog’s specific origins are not known, a few facts about its past have been discovered.  The dogs were developed by the Berbers in northern African long before the Arabic people invaded the area.  Another of the Berber people’s dogs, the Azawakh, is the Sloughi’s closest relative.  At one time, these two dogs may have been one breed, but they are now quite different.  The Sloughi was highly treasured by the people of that region.  In fact, the dog was so highly regarded, only nobility could own them.

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The Sloughi do not require much grooming. They do not need to be bathed because their fur will just release dirt. For the same reason, they do not need to be brushed.  However, they need to be exercised frequently because they were designed for racing and hunting. They should be walked or jogged every day. However, if the owner has a safe area for them, these dogs prefer to run off leash. They need a strong fence, because they will try to escape to hunt small animals.

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Ideal Environment

The Sloughi is sweet and friendly with the family. They will get along with anyone or anything in their family, but they do not like strangers and are often very untrusting of them. They should not be left alone with small animals because of their hunting instincts.  Those same instincts sometimes cause them to chase any animal that runs by them, even one of their friends. They can live in a house or apartment but need plenty of exercise. They should be walked or jogged every day. They also would like to run off leash, but the area needs to be secure so they cannot get out and chase animals. They are good for owners who want a calm house dog and an active outdoors dog.

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I rescued a dog from Larimer Cty. Humane Society. Looks very much like a Sloughi. I have showed dogs before, and until now had never seen one. Are they recognized by the AKC? Also, this one has an amazing overbite. Is that normal? thank you

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