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(South Russian Sheepdog, South Russian Shepherd Dog)The South Russian Ovtcharka is a fluffy dog similar in appearance to the Old English Sheep Dog. They have large heads and short muzzles. Their large, dark colored eyes are covered completely by hair.  Their triangular ears, which are small compared to the rest of their head, are also buried under their coat.  In fact, their large, black nose is the only part of the head visible normally. Under all of their hair, their body is still incredibly large all over, even their legs are long and muscular with big round feet. The breed’s long tail curls upwards at the end. Their thick, bountiful coat is most often pure white but can contain yellow or gray areas.

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The South Russian Ovtcharka is a powerful and stubborn dog. They will not listen to weak owners at all, so they need strong leadership or they will become the dominant in the household. The breed will become aggressive very quickly with anything seen as a threat, such as people and other dogs. They should not be around other dominant dogs because they will use force to recapture their dominant position. Despite these serious problems, they do well with family members, including submissive dogs, small animals, and children. They are active but should never seem overly anxious or unbalanced.

South Russian Ovtcharkas are powerful, stubborn, extremely smart. They are known to protect their owners and other animals within the family pack. Most South Russian Ovtcharkas will never show any unwarranted aggression and on the rare occasions they may growl. South Russian Ovtcharkas are a large breed dog and not for everyone. This breed is only recommended for experienced dog owners as they are extremely independent. They should be well socialized around the family and properly trained.

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24-25 inches
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108-110 pounds
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General Health

The South Russian Ovtcharka can live between 9 to 11 years.  Because the breed is not common, serious health problem associated with the breed are not widely known or discussed.

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The South Russian Ovtcharka is believed to be a descendent of the Russian Shepherds which were already common throughout the country before 1 A. D.  The breed has been almost completely unchanged since the late 18th century.  In fact, the breed may have influenced other herding dogs found throughout Europe because many similar breeds were exported from Russia to that continent about the same time the breed’s development was being completed.  Other details regarding the breed’s origins are debated.

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The South Russian Ovtcharka requires much grooming. Their coat mats easily and should be brushed every day and the area around their mouths should be cleaned often. They are active dogs but can let out most of their energy by running in the yard.  To combat their negative tendencies, they need tons of socialization at an early age. Without that important step, they will be hard to have in public and may become dangerously aggressive towards other dogs and people.

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Ideal Environment

The South Russian Ovtcharka is obviously not a breed for most families. They like their family including the animals. However, they do not get along with any unfamiliar people or animals. The breed will quickly become aggressive when its dominance is attacked or its property is being threatened. They are definitely not for weak or beginner owners; they need strong leadership or they will be completely disobedient. The South Russian Ovtcharka needs to be socialized at a young age or it will be hard to take out in public because of their aggression and stubbornness. 

South Russian Ovtcharkas get very attached to their family and need to be a part of everyday life. They may not show this attachment like most other dogs because South Russian Ovtcharkas are very independent. Many are cautious around new people, but usually walk up with their tail wagging. They need an owner with a strong, dominant personality. South Russian Ovtcharkas are large and extremely strong. Training is not easy or quick, though the are amazingly smart. They need to see a reason to do something. A reward can be such a reason. Any potential owners need to be extremely confident around dogs, especially large ones.

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i wuold like to breed my male south russian ovtcharka. i have all paperwork/current health records and shots information. PHYSICAL : he is a beutiful large white male having blue/grey and straw color streaks on his ears mostly. TEMPERMENT : although dominant and fearless he is an exeptional dog who is confident and feels unthreatend by any . he likes people and other animals including cats and birds wich is rare for this breed. im looking for someone with a femail to breed CONACT ME AT:

As long as he is healthy and has intact protective instincts, he sounds like he will be perfect as breeding stock.

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