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(Wire-haired Pointing Dog, Spinone, Italian Spinone, Italian Griffon)The Spinone Italiano is a wire-haired dog. The breed’s head is long and its muzzle is square with a long beard. Small yellow or brown eyes, which are often compared to human eyes, stare deeply and loyally at their owners. Their ears are quite long similar to those of a Spaniel. Their chest is broad and sturdy and leads to long thin legs. Their tail is usually docked short, and their wiry coat is the fullest on their face.  Their coat can come in many different colors; most common are off-white or white mixed with orange or chestnut.

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The Spinone Italiano is a great family dog. They want nothing but love and attention from their family and hate being away from them for long periods of time. Strangers and children get nothing but affection and love from the Spinone Italiano. Playing with other dogs is one of their favorite pass times, and they get along with small animals. They are very smart and catch on to training quickly. However, like most intelligent dogs, they can also be independent or strong willed. Perky and always upbeat, the Spinone Italiano is incredibly serious about their job. They are not good guard dogs because they are rarely aggressive and do not bark or howl often.

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22-27 inches
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61-85 pounds
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General Health

Most of the Spinone Italianos’ heath issues are related to genetics.  The breed is prone to CHD (canine hip dysplasia), bloat, and CA (cerebellar ataxia).  The Spinone Italiano has an average life expectancy of 12 to 15 years.

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The Spinone Italiano’s exact origins are unknown, but the breed certainly got its start in Europe several centuries ago.  In the late 20th century, the Spinone Italiano breed was revived to make the most of its ancient hunting traits, such as retrieving.  Although growing in popularity outside of Italy, the breed is still not well known in the United States.

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The Spinone Italiano basically grooms itself. Brushing should be done once a week to remove loose hair, but baths are rarely needed because they clean themselves. They need dead or loose hair pulled out occasionally. Exercise is important for this fairly active breed. Walking every day and having lots of play sessions can release most of their energy. They also enjoy running in large or medium size yards. However, they should be watched when in the yard, because they can dig under fences and leap over them so it is important to watch them and have secure fencing.

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Ideal Environment

The Spinone Italiano is a fun, active dog. They love their owners and enjoy spending time with them. Children of all ages and strangers will have fun around this sweet and loving dog. They enjoy playing with other dogs and get along with small animals. A house with a yard is a more suitable living environment than an apartment for the Spinone Italiano. They love to run and play in a yard, but the fence needs to be secure because they are good escape artists. Owners should be willing to walk and play often with this breed. Hunting is in their nature but if they are not used for hunting other forms of mental stimulation should be provided. They excel in training and obedience, but they need an owner who is consistent and calm. Being sweet and affectionate is normal for the Spinone Italiano but to prevent shyness socialization is required at an early age.

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Our spinone puppy is 16 weeks old. He doesn't seem to have as much hair around his face and ears as I have seen on other spinone pups in photos. Is this usual?

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