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(Stabijhoun, Dutch Stabyhoun, Friesian Pointer) information, pictures, photos and descriptions.The Stabyhoun is a graceful pointer dog. They have a square head and muzzle with small dark colored eyes. Their ears are quite big compared to their other features and lie close to their head. They have a broad chest and body with short, muscular legs leading to small oval shaped feet. A long tail feathers out covered in long, silky hair. Their coat is long and thick and can be brown or orange with white but is most commonly black with white.

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The Stabyhoun is an extremely friendly and gentle dog. Pleasing their family is top priority to this breed. Stabyhouns love being around and playing with kids of all ages. They will also be good with any pets in their family. Often Stabyhouns are reserved with strangers but are never aggressive or threatening. They are highly intelligent and do wonderfully with all kinds of training. Calm and quiet in the house, the Stabyhoun is lively and playful outside. They excel at everything they do, but they are sometimes stubborn.  Usually, they just want love and affection from their families.

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19-21 inches
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40-55 pounds
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General Health

Stabyhouns are a very hardy breed with very few genetic issues.  Their average life expectancy is about 13 to 14 years.

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The Stabyhoun originated in a northern province of the Netherlands known as Friesland prior to 1800.  The dog is probably an ancestor of dogs brought into the Netherlands by Spanish conquistadors.  While it was frequently bred with the Wetterhoun, that crossbreeding ended after 1942 when the breed was officially recognized.

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The Stabyhoun needs little grooming. It should be brushed often, especially while shedding which happens about two times a year. Bathing should not be done because the coat cleans itself and bathing gets rid of the coat’s natural sleekness. The Stabyhoun loves to exercise and play, especially with children. Walking should be done every day, and they should be given frequent opportunities to run off leash. Hunting, flyball, and agility are just a few of the great activities available for Stabyhouns that they love to do. Training should be done at a young age but will be simple because of their easy to train nature. Socialization is needed at an early age, too, even though they are naturally friendly.

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Ideal Environment

The Stabyhoun is a sweet lively dog. Family and human contact are the most important needs for this loving breed. Playing or just being around children is fun for the Stabyhoun. They do well with animals in their family and are okay with strangers. A house is a more suitable living environment than an apartment. Lots of room for running and playing is essential to a happy and healthy Stabyhoun. They like doing anything that stimulates them mentally. They are good for owners who want an intelligent, friendly, and easy to care for dog.  They are also appropriate for families who want a calm indoor dog and a lively outdoor dog.

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Where can I find a Stabyhoun puppy, and how much do they cost? Seems like they are the perfect family dog, but hard to find.

Stabys are a fairly rare breed with the breeding and sale closely monitored by the various Stabyhoun Associations ( Holland, Sweden, Finland, North America etc). If you are located in North America try visiting This association will be able to answer the more specfic questions and arrange adoption. I have a Staby and he is extremely quick to pick up on commands, loving, playful and low maitenance . Since the various associations are so careful with the breeding these dogs enjoy a hardy healthy life. Hope this helps?

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