Photo I have two staffy' is pure white and constantly "crys" my other staffy has a white face but ha

I also halve a Staffy her name's Security LOL she sure does protect me and when she was a pup she cried. try to put doggy eye drops to stop any irritations or and be carefull with Shampoo!!!!!

Photo how long does it take for staffs to have puppies, and how quickly do they get milk

63 days

Photo hi i have a female staffy who is very preganat dont know when she got with male staffy just started

the female staffy with the milk shouldnt be very far at all if she starts digging and stayiing in one area you can count on her birthing there she will nest hope this helps if its her first litter kee

Photo my 6month old male seems to be molting & has an odor can someone plz tell me what maybe causing
Photo we have just got a staffordshire bull terrier she is three years oldcan not fault her one bit but sh

hi I adopted an out door staffie uhh 104 pounds of solid muscel and HE too, hated my cat.So here is what I did i would take my cats blanket and lay it with Zeus ( that is what his name was when we

Photo My Staffordshire Bull Terrier is nearly 7months old but is very small, can anyone tell me the averag

You shouldn't be worried...especially if he was the smallest one in the litter. But be sure to feed him the right foods (natural, not commercial), and make sure he doesn't have worms (that can stunt g

Photo Hi have a staffie who is just over a year old and well trained. Some one told me that they were used
Photo I just taken in a staffie from my husbands co worker. I have read many things about the breed my con

If you read up on the Pit Bull Terrier, you'll see they and Staffordshire Bull Terriers are aike in that they are energetic which is often mistaken for agression. They require good training or will tr

Photo What is the Average size for a male staffordshire bull terrier? and for a female? And what is there

yes they do out grow the average size mine is 8 months and is 18 inches and 42 pounds allready i have a male

Photo I was thinking of getting a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, but two things really concern me. #1 there i
Photo At what age, does a staffys head grow? I have a 2 and a half yr old, and her head is still narrow, n
Photo My staffie is having problems with his lower jaw - when he yawns or chews he is in obvious pain and
Photo at approximatley what age does a male staffs skull split and at what approx age does he reach full d
Photo is a staffordshire bull terrier the same as a pitbull terrier are they agressive dogs are they good

no completely different breed to pitbull. but all bull breeds are excellent with all children, fantastic family dogs just need a firm hand,but not generally aggressive if they know their place

Photo i,m still waiting for my answer about if a staffordshire bull terrier is the same as a pitbull terri

no its a completely different breed

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