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I am considering getting a Standard Poodle - I have read that they do not like to be left for long periods. My question is will an adult dog be okay with me being absent for a day at work (about 8 - 9 hours)? Other than that the dog would be with us during the morning, evening and all day weekends.

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In short the answer is no - 8-9 hours is far too long to leave a poodle

I had a standard poodle for 13 years. it was me and him for all but 3 of those years and i would leave him home while i worked regular 8-hr days. he was fine with it. very happy to see me when i got home but he was not depressed or anything - pets sleep a lot during the day, both dogs and cats, and my sammydam would sleep while i was gone and when i came home he was wide-eyed. just like people, it's all on what they are taught and get used to.

hi, I have a standard poodle and I work usually 8 hours a be day, without problem. No whining, no anxiety, no destruction, nothing. Mr. Gadjo is fine with it because he's used to it. He sleeps all day and is totally joyful to see me at 5PM. The thing is to teach the dog that it's okay to be alone. You start it early by letting the dog alone for very short periods, if possible with a very interesting treat...

I have a standard poodle and he goes in his cage for hours without a problem. He is very quiet in the house but does need his exercise or he can get a little crazy. He loves the greenies dental bones and now all I do is show him the bone and he quickly runs to his cage, cuz he knows he gets the treat. So easy to train.

No, you shouldn't own a dog period, especially a standard poodle that needs constant attention, love, care and stimulation. You don't need a dog. Leaving a standard alone for eight to nine hours a day would break the dog's heart.

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