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We purchased a Cockalier a few months ago at a pet store. She is beautiful and very good dog. Our question is - can a cockalier have multi colored eyes. Her brother that is still at the pet store has one blue and one dark colored eye. We found this to be a little strange - we have looked at many pictures to see if maybe we could find one with mulit colored eyes but have found none. Her brother has the color of an Austrailian Shepard

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I think all dogs can have 2 coloured eyes. A border collie I know has one blue and 1 brown. I have never seen one on a cockalier. I usually see them on border collies or as you said sometimes australian Shepard's. I dont quite know but I think any dog could probably have it and that dog answers your question. If it is a cockalier and has different eyes, then they must be able to. I hope I have helped. good luck with you dog. she is beautiful

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