Photo how can i put some weight on my dog? our standard poodle is almost 3 yrs old. we feed him a wheat/co

keep up the feeding

Photo is the standard poodle the largest of the poodle breed and if not what is ??

Yes it is. The standard poodle is the biggest and calmest of all the sizes

Photo Is it safe or recommended to give cows milk to a miniature poodle. I have been told that all dairy p
Photo I have a 6 month old standard poodle. He is great, the only thing that bugs me is that he pees when

I think your poodle is nervous or afraid. You should try putting him outside and haveing your friends play or pet the poodle. It should get used to this and probably won't pee anymore. I know this fro

Photo do you know a reputabe breeder in new england with relatively short standard poodles? say, 17 or 18
Photo I am considering getting a Standard Poodle - I have read that they do not like to be left for long p

In short the answer is no - 8-9 hours is far too long to leave a poodle

Photo My standard has a yeast infection in his ears. Are there home remedies?

Solution of 1/2 vinegar and 1/2 rubbing alcohol is a good start. Pour into the ear and then clean with a cotton ball. Your dog will shake out the excess. If the ear is red or inflamed you can't use

Photo We are looking for a breed of dog that will not only be a beloved family member but would serve as a

Yes. My female Standard Poodle loves to prowl the property hunting critters including rats, mice, squirrels and unfortunately, skunks...She has brought me both live and dead mice as "gifts"

Photo Can rice be feed to Standard Poodles?

I don't recommend, but give a small amount. VERY small.

Photo I have a ten month old toy poodle. I'm wondering why he shivers even if the air is warm outside when

He's cold, dress him up.

Photo I have a 17 week old standard and I see a light brown stain from her tears. What is the best way to

Perhaps you can get doggy eyewipes? I'm not that sure though.

Photo I adopted a rescued Standard two weeks ago. She has very sunken eyes. The vet said it could just be
Photo I have a standard poodle that is so underweight . She has lost 20 pounds because of ear infections a

Have her tested for addison's...

Photo I have an apricot standard poodle who is very even tempered but she is very aloof. In the morning s
Photo Is it normal for a poodle to have pink nose and blue eyes?

no not as far as I am aware. Black nose although the light brown poodle often has a liver coloured nose.

Photo I have a 12 year old Standard Poodle Person. He has had many health issues. He is extreamly UNDER we

My Standard Poodle , Luke has been on thyroid meds for three years. He is 13 now . Please try not to worry too much . Under active thyroids are not uncommon in the Poodles. One of the side effects of

Photo My male standard poodle is 8 yrs old and has a lot of sagging skin around his neck and underside. Wh
Photo I have a black standard poodle that is a female I have never seen her in heat yet. She is over a yea

Larger dogs tend to mature later than a smaller dog might. However, it would be a good idea if you consulted your veterinarian.

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