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how can i put some weight on my dog? our standard poodle is almost 3 yrs old. we feed him a wheat/corn/soy free diet(poodles can have issues with those), he is not a gluten, eats whenever he is hungry and loves getting his treats..he is however about 10 lbs underweight. does anyone have any suggestions?

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keep up the feeding

Have you checked for parasites?

Try different diets, i would recommend the BARF diet. "Biologically appropriate raw food"...or something like that. Search it up and try it! Hope it helps.

Try giving him Bil Jack, the frozen dog food. That's what I do when my poodle is underweight before I show her.

when my dog is underweight i put her on a schedule diet of feeding her foods that will put the weight on at the same times evry day keeping a constant diet shud help the weight hope it helps

I have an extremely active standard who tends to drop weight in the winter cold. I always have success putting it back on him by maintaining a structured feeding schedule;2x a day; and slowly increasing his quantity by 1/4 cup each meal per day. When I notice the slightest gain, I continue the current per meal quantity until the weight returns. You don't want them to lose or gain at a rate of any more than one pound a week. Weather, allergies, activity opportunities, and simple depression( bad haicut, one of their people or fellow animal friends gone for more than a day, or an increase in household activity that doesn't involve them), can all account for a temporary weight loss or gain without the presence of illness or infestation. Of course, sometimes they just don't like their brand of food anymore and need a change for awhile. Good Luck

Had the same problem with my 2,5 years old standard poodle. She now eats High-energy dog food to keep up her weight, and it's working. She's just too active for regular dog food.

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