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(Mittelschnauzer) The Standard Schnauzer is a unique looking dog with a rectangular head leading to a square muzzle covered in a long beard. Bushy eyebrows sit above medium-size, dark color eyes. Their mouth should have a scissor bite. Their ears can be cropped or left natural. A large sturdy chest leads to long legs, but their front legs are straight unlike their back ones. Just like their ears, their tail can be natural or docked. The coat on their back is sleek and smooth. However, the hair on their legs, under belly, and face feather out away from their body. Their coat comes in two varieties: pure black or salt and pepper. 

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The Standard Schnauzer is a protective dog. Guarding their family and items is their primary function, so they are not good with strangers. They get along with older children. A demanding or stubborn nature is common with the Standard Schnauzer.             Training comes easily, but they still do not always listen. They are intelligent and take well to activities. An active and perky attitude makes them fun but never anxious acting. Traveling with their family is much preferred to staying home alone by the Standard Schnauzer. They need lots of socialization, or they will become extremely protective. A strong and dominant owner is important for this often stubborn breed. 

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17-20 inches
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30-45 pounds
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General Health

The Standard Schnauzer is one of the rare breeds that have very few health concerns.  What genetic diseases they do have are seen very rarely, such as CHD (canine hip dysplasia) and follicular.  The Standard Schnauzer has an average life expectancy of 15 or more years.

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Standard Schnauzer originated in Germany.  In fact, their name is German for “muzzle.” They are actually quite old and even appear in the paintings of Rembrandt and other European artists.  Popular because of their intelligence, Standard Schnauzers were able to hold a large number of jobs, including World War I messengers, retrievers, and more.

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The Standard Schnauzer needs regular grooming. Brushing needs to be done once a day because their undercoat gets easily matted. They need to be trimmed to an all over even length two times a year. Plenty of exercise is needed for this active breed. However, they do most of their exercising in the house. They need to have an area to run off leash. Games should be played with them to keep their mind stimulated. Obedience training and socialization should be done at a young age.

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Ideal Environment

The Standard Schnauzer is a fun loving family dog. Always being with their family is most important. They do well with older children and usually get along fine with dogs. However, they can be incredibly protective of their family and items which makes them often not social with strangers. They need an owner who has time to socialize their Standard Schnauzers. An apartment is fine for the Standard Schnauzer as long as the dogs get plenty of exercise. A yard is not necessary for a happy Standard Schnauzer, but they enjoy running off leash. They need owners who will be at home often and will take them places with them. Their owner should be dominant and firm because of their tendency to be stubborn and independent.

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