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The Sussex Spaniel is an elegant looking dog. The breed’s broad, square head leads into an equally broad and square muzzle. They have large hazel colored eyes and long, hair covered ears hang down past their scissor bite jaws. Their body is very wide for how short they are. Muscular, yet short, legs lead to small rounded feet. Their tail is usually docked very short while the hair on their legs and stomachs feathers out. Long wavy, never curly, hair covers their body in a golden liver color.

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The Sussex Spaniel is a very pleasant, gentle breed. Friendly with everyone, this breed is a sweet family dog. They get along wonderfully with children and even cats. Sussex Spaniels get along with familiar dogs but can be aggressive towards strange dogs. They are intelligent and easy to train. However, it is important for owners to set themselves up as leaders or they will ignore their commands. The breed can be stubborn and independent. If left home alone, they will bark constantly. They are also not incredibly playful, and their energy level is low.

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15-16 inches
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40-44 pounds
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General Health

The Sussex Spaniel has a number of health problems, such as hypothyroidism, prostate disease, and CHD (canine hip dysplasia).  Additionally, allergies, deafness, and eye concerns are other latent issues.  Sussex Spaniels have an inclination towards several heart concerns, including pulmonic sterosis, PDA (patent ductus arteriosus), and tetralogy of fallot.  This breed has an average life span of about 12 to 15 years.

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The Sussex Spaniel originated in the 1800’s in Sussex, England.  While the specifics are not known, most historians assume the breed was created by mixing spaniels and hounds.  World War II devastated the breed’s population in Europe, but a breeder named Joy Freer decided to rescue the dogs and to rejuvenate the breed.  Almost all of the modern Sussex Spaniels alive today – and the numbers are still small – came from her original eight dogs.

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Brushing of the Sussex Spaniel should be done once a week. The hair in between their pads should be trimmed often.  Their heavy ears make it hard for the wind to clean them so regular cleaning of the ears and trimming of ear hair is necessary. The Sussex Spaniel is a fairly inactive Spaniel. However, they still require exercise regularly. They are somewhat active in the house. Swimming and walking are enjoyable activities for the Sussex Spaniel. It is crucial they get enough exercise because they are prone to obesity.  They should be trained because training makes it easier for them to accept their owner as their leader.

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Ideal Environment

The Sussex Spaniel is a friendly family dog. They do great with children and are normally great with dogs they know. Everyone gets a friendly greeting from this breed, even cats. An apartment is a suitable place for them to live because their activity level is low. Owners should sufficiently exercise this breed with walks and chances to swim. A natural retrieving ability is something else they enjoy using for exercise. Their owner should not over feed them or give them an excessive amount of treats because they gain weight quickly and easily.  They need an owner who will be firm and consistent with them because of their often stubborn personality. They are better-suited for rural areas because they have a tendency to bark a great deal.

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