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The Tenterfield Terrier is a small active dog.  They have a medium sized head with large, bat-like ears.  The breed’s muzzle is strong and their dark, oval-shaped eyes always look attentive.  The head and neck is well balanced.  Unlike many terriers, Tenterfield Terriers are not heavily muscled but they do have broad chests and strong thighs.  The front legs have strong round bone and the feet must be round in shape.  The tail is meant to stick straight up off the dog’s short strong back and the tail is usually docked.  This terrier breed, like most terriers, has a smooth, sleek coat.  Their coats come in white with black, tan, or liver markings.  None of the dogs should ever be a solid color.

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Tail docking is now illegal in Australia but the natural bob tail is common.

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The Tenterfield Terrier is loyal yet often stubborn. They love their owners and want to please them but, at the same time, are independent. They need positive training not owners who are harsh or cruel. The breed is confident and brave, but they can often be aggressive towards dogs and need socialization with people. They should not be around small animals because of their hunting instincts but do well with calm cats. Tenterfield Terriers do better with older children. The breed loves to be around its owners.  In fact, they would like to never leave their owner’s side. However, they will easily become bored and destructive if not constantly stimulated by toys, training, or games.

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10-12 inches
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7-10 pounds
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General Health

The Tenterfield Terrier has an average life expectancy of about 14 years.  Luxating patella can be a problem in this breed and severely affected dogs should not be bred from.

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It is thought that the Tenterfield Terrier type of dogs originated in England in the 1800s when a Manchester Black and Tan was mixed with a Standard Fox Terrier.  The breed continued to be changed through breeding with the addition of Whippet and even Chihuahua into its line.  Although the breed got its start in England it was refined into its modern incarnation in Australia.  Today, the breeding of Tenterfield Terriers is controlled carefully so they do not mix with them with other dogs.

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The Tenterfield Terrier requires little grooming, but they should be brushed and bathed occasionally. Like most terriers, the breed needs plenty of exercise. They can be walked, but they prefer running. They need to run off leash at least three times a week. The Tenterfield Terrier needs lots of socialization with people, as well as with dogs, starting at an early age.

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Ideal Environment

The Tenterfield Terrier is a perky, companion dog. They like their family but are often reserved with strangers. They are fine with older children. They need an owner with plenty of time to socialize them with dogs, because they have aggressive tendencies. Owners must know how to be firm without being overly harsh in order to get the best results with this breed.  It is best to not have the breed around small animals because they were bred to hunt them. The breed needs to be around their owners a lot. They are good for apartments, as long as they get sufficient exercise, especially running.  They can be stubborn and independent because of their intelligence. The breed does not like to be alone for long periods of time and will become destructive if they are bored.

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i have a tenterfield who has had a few litters of puppys i was told that the female puppys she has had need to be de-sexed because the 5th generation will be defected.

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