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I have seen a puppy with an umbilical hernia. Is this common in this breed?

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It appears that an umbilical hernia is an inherited trait. The puppy most likely got it from its parents or grandparents. I don’t think it’s specific to this breed.

That's not always true. This could just be a disorder. I have puppy with a hernia and neither mother nor father had one. Also neither grandmother or father had one either. So, it is not something inherited

Umbilical hernias could be hereditary or they could be due to pulling on the pup during the birthing process/inappropriate tying of the cord once the pup is delivered/mom tugging too hard on the cord as she chews it off. Regardless of the reason, they are no big deal and the AKC has agreed that surgery to correct them does not disqualify the dog from being shown. It is important to look at the whole package.

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