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The Titan Bull-Dogge is a perky dog with a gigantic head and a very pushed in muzzle similar to that of English Bulldogs. The area of their face between their large dark colored eyes is sunken. The breed’s forehead is heavily wrinkled, and its lips are so baggy they hang down past their lower jaw which protrudes out farther than their upper jaw. Like all bulldogs, the Titan Bull-Dogge has a bulky and muscular body. Their legs are wide but not very long, and their feet are massive compared to the rest of their body. Their tail can be left natural or can be docked very short. Generally, their coat is short and smooth like most other bulldogs. The breed can come in any color.

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The Titan Bull-Dogge is a family-oriented dog. They should always seem self-confident and never timid. Most of these dogs are wary of strangers, but they are not aggressive. However, they will guard their family and property. They do wonderful with children of all ages, as well as with other dogs and small animals. Titan Bull-Dogges are very affectionate with their family and with people they know.

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17-21 inches
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70-110 pounds
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General Health

The Titan Bull-Dogge is an extremely hardy breed with no known health issues.  Additionally, despite its appearance, it is a very agile dog.  The Titan Bull-Dogge has an age range of 9 to 12 years.

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The Titan Bull-Dogge is a relatively new breed that came around in 1994.  In New York, a breeding program was started to create bulldogs which were more functional than the current popular breeds.  English Bulldogs, for example, are notorious for their serious health problems, including difficulty breathing and a tendency to become overheated after a small amount of exercise.  To accomplish their goal of creating a healthier bulldog, the breeders researched which breeds tended to have the healthiest puppies.  These included the Old World Style Bulldogge, American Bulldog, American Staffordshire Terrier, and Staffordshire Bull Terrier. After a few years of selective breeding with these breeds, the Titan Bull-Dogge was born. In 1995 a breed standard was created for them.

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Titan Bull-Dogges should be brushed occasionally. However, the most important part of their grooming is to clean out their wrinkles everyday with a damp cloth to prevent health problems. They also need their nails trimmed regularly. The Titan Bull-Dogge needs exercise but not to an excess. They should be taken on a walk each day and should be played with as often as possible. They are not too difficult to handle, but as with most dogs, training is a good idea.

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Ideal Environment

The Titan Bull-Dogge is a sweet natured dog. They enjoy their family and would love to be in a house with children. They are good apartment dogs, because they are relatively inactive in the house. The breed likes to be played with and enjoys long walks. They do not require a lot of training and are not overly stubborn. They do get along well with other dogs and small animals. Only families who can tolerate drooling should consider the breed because, like most bulldogs, the Titan Bull-Dogge drools a great deal.

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