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I just feel in love with the TFT but I do live in a duplex and I have neighbors downstairs. Will the TFT's bark disturb them too much?

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Ours only barks for the following reasons: sees something outside she 'needs' to get to (animal, etc), wants to play & we're not paying attention to her, or when we go out the door. We are working on teaching her the command 'quiet'. She is doing pretty well with that. Her bark can be very shrill at times, especially if she's right next to you.

The bark of a TFT is very loud and shrill. And, they can bark a lot when they get excited. My two TFTs go off like an alarm clock at the doorbell ringing or someone knocking, when they detect (hear, see, or smell) other dogs walking by the house, when the gardeners come by to do the neighbor's lawn, and pretty much any time they see or hear something that they think they should let me know about. When they're outside playing with each other (play fights and stuff), they're pretty much oblivious to anything going on around them. Unless they detect a rodent, possum, skunk, neighbor cat, etc., around their yard. Then they go ballistic again. So, I would look into another type of dog if you're sharing your property with someone else who wouldn't appreciate the barking.

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