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do TFTs shed alot? Are they good with babies? Are they easy to housebreak? Do they bark alot?

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Yes, TFT's do shed quite a bit. They also shed all year round. If little white hairs all over your dark clothing and black couch really bother you, don't get a TFT! As far as housebreaking and barking, they are the same as any other dog. If you put the time and effort it, the dog will be housetrained and the barking limited.

I have a Toy Fox terrier and he does not hardly shed. He is exellent around kids. he tends to bark sometimes and he was easy to train. I suggest you buy one because they are a great dog.

They do shed but so do most dogs. I love mine so much I would much rather have to vacuum a little than lose than unwavering love. She was very easily housebroken because our older dog taught her to go out the doggie door. She only barks when the older dog starts first.

Please DO NOT get a puppy if you have a baby - you have (or will have) your hands full with a human infant much less a canine one. Toys such as the TFT and Italian Greyhound (IG) are hardy little dogs but are not a good match for your growing, rambunctious toddler. Toys are more susceptible to injury, like broken legs, that can cost $3,000 to treat. If you must have a dog, consder a small -to-medium sized young adult rescue that is already trained.

These little guys should not be kept around babies or any other younger children. Unlike, say, a golden retriever who would have all the patience in the world with children pulling on their ears or whatever, a TFT will probably nip to make it stop. They are also kind of delicate and younger children might think they're like little stuffed animals, which might lead to them being picked up incorrectly and dropped, resulting in severe injury (especially their legs). They are very playful, affectionate and loving, and they make wonderful lap dogs. But, I wouldn't have them in a household with children younger than 8-10 years old at the least.

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