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(Caniche) (Chien Canne) (Tea Cup Poodle) The Toy Poodle is a small fluffy dog whose most distinctive characteristic is its curly, puffy fur that covers its entire body. The fur can come in a large variety of solid colors, including white and black. They have a small, round head that looks much larger than it is because of the large puff of hair on top of its head.  The dog’s dark-colored, almond-shaped eyes stand out from its furry face.  The breed’s ears are long and covered in less, curly wavy fur.  Toy Poodles’ small muzzles protrude slightly from its face which ends in a petite black nose.  At the end of their skinny legs are tiny, oval-shaped feet which are also covered in the same puffy fur.  At the end of the other end of their body is their tail, which is short and sticks straight up if it has been docked.

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The Toy Poodle is a cheerful and intelligent dog. The breed is very easily trained and responds well to training. They are often wary around strangers but if they have good socialization at an early age it is not a problem. They can be very sensitive and startled easily, so they are not good around young or rough children.  However, they do well with older children. They like dogs and other animals. Some Toy Poodles are anxious and apprehensive, especially if not appropriately socialized.

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10 inches
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6-9 pounds
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General Health

Toy Poodles are inclined to suffer from several health-related issues, such as, skin conditions, heart disorders, runny eyes, and slipped stifle.  The average life span is 12 to 15 years of age.

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Toy Poodles are now believed to have originated in France, although many countries claimed that the breed developed there.  Despite its French ancestry, the breed’s name comes from the German word “pudel” which means “one who plays in water.” The name is a reference to its original job of retrieving water birds in Germany and France.  The breed originated from the Barbet and the Hungarian Water Hound. Their name comes from the German word pudel which means one who plays in water because it retrieved water birds in France and Germany. Toy Poodles, like all poodles, are believed to be related to the Barbet and the Hungarian Water Hound.  Today, the breed is especially popular in France where it is still used for hunting and companionship.

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The Toy Poodle requires heavy grooming. They need their ears cleaned and trimmed frequently. The breed needs baths often, and their hair should be clipped every six weeks. When it comes to grooming Toy Poodles, owners have three choices. One way is the “pet clip” which means they are trimmed down to an even length all over. The second way is the “English saddle” clip which is where the face, throat, top of the legs, and base of the tail are shaved while the hindquarters are trimmed but not shaved. This grooming style leaves more hair than the third cut which is the “Continental” where more of the legs are shaved as well as the hindquarters which can be completely shaved or left in puff balls. Toy Poodles do not require much exercise, so they do fine with small walks and do not need a yard.

The English Saddle clip was actually designed to protect the dog's internal organs when working. The bracelets are designed to protect the leg joints from reeds when swimming. The remaining hair on the body is styled to add insulation to internal organs for swimming in cold water. The smaller poodles were bred for truffle hunting predominantly with white coats to be seen easily at night.

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Ideal Environment

The Toy Poodle is a lively family dog. The breed is good for older people because it requires little exercise. However, these dogs also do well with older kids and any animals. They are fine in apartments because they do not need a yard. They will bark a lot but can be trained to break that behavior. Toy Poodles need to go through training, but they are quick learners so the experience is usually pleasant for both the dog and the owners. They do need socialization at an early age to prevent them from becoming timid with strangers. Toy Poodles should not be surprised, startled, or teased because they are very delicate and may bite. Because they shed almost no hair, they are good for people who are allergic to dogs.

Toy Poodles are hypoallergenic.

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can I have brothers or sisters around this animal?

Yes, poodles are very friendly and playful dogs. Family or other puppies should do fine around a poodle. They are only protective against outsiders.


Are Toy Poodles a good choice for an owner who lives alone and works full-time? After four months, my Toy and I are seriously bonded, but I'm concerned he may be better with someone who is retired and can spend all day with him.

I have had 3 toy poodles and worked during the time I had all 3. Each has been trained to stay in a large kennel while I am working . All 3 have done quite well for an 8 hour time alone. A walk when I came home was always appreciated. They do need to be kennel trained from a small puppy on to adapt well to it.


Hello, Im getting a small poodle for mothers day from my kids. I was wondering about how big he is going to get. The mother is a toy poodle and the father is a miniture at 12 inches. Thank you very much.

It's not going to get big at all, I think it will be to youknee cap at maximum. I'm not 100% sure though


How old should my toy poodle be before I breed her? And do I need to be with her/help her when she is giving birth?

There are already so many dogs in shelters now, please get her fixed and don't breed her.


What's best for the dog, to have it's hair brushed in a doggy salon or buy a brush and brush it in my house?

Both! Schedule regular groomings by a professional groomer every 6 weeks. Have the groomer show you how to properly brush and comb through your poodle at least twice weekly and ask which grooming tools are appropriate for your poodle's coat.

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