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Hello, Im getting a small poodle for mothers day from my kids. I was wondering about how big he is going to get. The mother is a toy poodle and the father is a miniture at 12 inches. Thank you very much.

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It's not going to get big at all, I think it will be to youknee cap at maximum. I'm not 100% sure though

It depends on if it takes after its mother or its father. I have a toy who's mother was 5lbs. and its father was closer to 7lbs. He only weighs 3.5lbs. and he is over a year old.

If you get a toy poodle thn it will not get big at all. If you get a reagular poodle, then it can get to large in size.

As a rule you can take the weight of a toy breed puppy at 8 weeks then double it and add one pound and you are in the ball park of what the puppy will weigh when grown. This is not a guarantee just an estimate. At 14 weeks you double the weight and do not add anything.

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