Photo can I have brothers or sisters around this animal?

Yes, poodles are very friendly and playful dogs. Family or other puppies should do fine around a poodle. They are only protective against outsiders.

Photo Are Toy Poodles a good choice for an owner who lives alone and works full-time? After four months,

I have had 3 toy poodles and worked during the time I had all 3. Each has been trained to stay in a large kennel while I am working . All 3 have done quite well for an 8 hour time alone. A walk whe

Photo Hello, Im getting a small poodle for mothers day from my kids. I was wondering about how big he is g

It's not going to get big at all, I think it will be to youknee cap at maximum. I'm not 100% sure though

Photo How old should my toy poodle be before I breed her? And do I need to be with her/help her when she i

There are already so many dogs in shelters now, please get her fixed and don't breed her.

Photo What's best for the dog, to have it's hair brushed in a doggy salon or buy a brush and brush it in m

Both! Schedule regular groomings by a professional groomer every 6 weeks. Have the groomer show you how to properly brush and comb through your poodle at least twice weekly and ask which grooming to

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