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Have you ever heard of a 6yr old walker running around and acting normal then all of a sudden collapsing and not being able to get his back legs up under him to walk again?

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I just adopted a treeing walker coonhound. She is 7 months old. She started doing the same thing. She seems fine, but every once in a while her back legs will give out. She has tons of energy, bounces over snowbanks, does well on the stairs I wasn't sure what was going on. She went to the vet's for x-rays and her hip is dislocated. This is because her hip socket is too narrow for the ball of her femur. She is going into surgery for an FHO operation. If they simply put the femur back into the hip socket without the surgery it would fall out again. It is an expensive surgery, but in her case the vet is confident that she will do very well.

Take your dog to your local Vet. The answer to your question should be found in the X-Ray's. Good Luck.

Coonhounds can suffer a condition known as "Coonhound Paralysis." The official medical name of the disorder is Polyradiculoneuritis. Much more information would have to be obtained to say for sure this is what your dog has going on. But, loss of control of legs is one of the main symptoms. They can survive it, but not without the help of a vet, or someone greatly experienced and knowledgeable about this disorder. It can also be very frightening and painful for the dog, so please, please get your dog help.

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