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Our 2 dogs are from a pure pedigree british bulldog and pure pedigree boxer; however, their tails are not docked [this is illegal in scotland] they are also not a recognized breed here. Would they still be valley bulldogs?

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i have an all white valley bulldog and they are not recognized in usa they get classified as an american bulldog.. sucks

From what I have discovered from online research, your dogs would be considered Bullboxers. The only difference between bullboxers and valley bulldogs it seems is how many generations they have been bred. Either way, you have two great pups!

Contact the IOEBA directly. As you know, Valleys are a hybrid registrable breed. The IOEBA strives to be helpful and answer all questions. No, I don't work for represent them in any way. I simply have a Valley Bulldog registered with them and have an interest in learning more about them myself. A common misconception is that a person can mate a Bulldog and Boxer and have instant Valley Bulldog puppies.

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