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I am about to bring home my first Vizsla puppy tomorrow and I'm wondering if anyone has any advice to give me. I've read as much as I can about them on the internet and in books, but I was hoping to get some real stories from people who have them. He will be 8 weeks tomorrow. I'm totally excited but also a little nervous since he is the first puppy my boyfriend and I have raised on our own. We have a big fenced in yard for him to play in and we love boating, camping, and exercising so we will keep him occupied with that. Any advice on potty training, crate training, and diet would be greatly appreciated! Also what is best to bathe him with at this age? Thanks!

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You must crate train your vizsla. Our first Vizslas we did not and they both chewed all of our furniture...We knew nothing about training dogs. The Vizsla is the sweetest dog you will ever own. Rusty and Prince both lived until over 14. Our Jakey Boy is 5yrs. old and my best friend. The Viszla is very trainable. They need to run, they love the water, rides in cars...Funny, Jake is 5 and when we can't find him he is in his crate...we now keep the door open...of course he sleeps in bed with us....You will love your Viszla!!!

When I brought home my first-ever Vizsla pup, I arranged for someone to come in mid-day & take her out of her crate (which I did use) for play & potty break & then lunch---but day after day after day, I'd come home to find the crate wet where she'd peed. Lots of laundry I did that first year! I had brought her home at 7 weeks, so maybe she needed more time w/ her mom? (And she barked & cried for a long time when I'd leave, much to neighbors' distress.) I never came up with a great solution, except that stay-with-mamadog longer.) As to bathing, I use Drs. Foster &Smith hypoallergenic shampoo, as she does have sensitive skin AND rolls a lot! My girl is now over 9 1/2 years young---People are always surprised to hear her age, as Vizslas are so funny & fun at heart. Getting her was one of the best decisions I ever made!

Most def use a crate-it will save your furniture and sanity! It will be hard at first for him to adjust so be patient bc it will happen. With the potty-training, my best advice is to use the same door and if possible take him out every 2-3 hours. I still can't believe how fast our guy caught on using these techniques! Just remember he's a baby, it will take time for him to "get it". But they are smart so you will be surprised at how fast some training clicks. It is all about repetition and patience. Oh and this is the best tip I got from our local vizsla club: take an old soda can, put a few pennies in it and shake it when he is doing something naughty Ike jumping or trying to claim a space. It works like a charm! Good luck and enjoy your puppy!

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