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I am hoping that someone has some advice for me! Leo, our 7 month old Vizsla, has been throwing up over the past few days...probably a total of 4 times in 3 days...what could be the cause of this? He has always been a grazer eater, never really pounces on his bowl of food, but rather eats it in stages, often not finishing it. He is still drinking, running, playing, acting like himself. Just wondering why he is throwing up. Also, we have noticed lately that he is licking and biting his paws more often. When we looked closer, we noticed scabs and splitting on some of his toes, on top, underneath and in between on his webbing? What could be up? Has anyone ever had these issue with their Vizsla? Appreciating any feedback!

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Assuming there is no problems with the feet, foot licking/biting is a common sign of allergies, which could also cause the vomiting. Have you changed food? What are you feeding? Has anything changed in his environment recently?

maybe your dog is throwing up wood chips. is it his habbit to nibble at or chomp on wooden furniture? does he chew sticks? what's the consistency of his vomit? if it's yellowish or creamy and small in portion, he may simply be throwing up the chips his stomach spent hours coating so not to be harmed. keep closer watch over your dog.

My Vizsla has calluses between his outer toes and the next one in on both rear feet. They appear to be normal wear marks. He also when young threw up from eating bark dust from my yard until I stopped him. He has not throw up since. They eat it seems whatever you let them. Most of it will upset their stomachs.

take your dog to the vet asap

Our vizsla had similar symptoms, and it ended up being a mild case of pancreatitis, which can be very serious. He was treated and we stopped all "extra" treats and people food and put him on low fat food and he has been fine for several years. Take your dog to the vet now!!!

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