Photo My 6month old vizsla was purchased as a family pet (to which he is perfectly suited!) but I've notic

This relatively common fault will not disqulify you from showing but will ensure that you regularly finish last. One option is to fashion a tail extension with playdo for use at shows. A keen judge

Photo How often should we bath our vizsla?

Never. The dirt falls off them. Just let them be outdoors a lot and let the UV do the work.

Photo I am hoping that someone has some advice for me! Leo, our 7 month old Vizsla, has been throwing up o

Assuming there is no problems with the feet, foot licking/biting is a common sign of allergies, which could also cause the vomiting. Have you changed food? What are you feeding? Has anything changed i

Photo How much should an 8 week old Vizsal pup weigh?

Mine is 8 weeks old too and he weighs about 12 lbs

Photo Can you fly an 8 week old female vizsla puppy under the seat on a commercial airline? Will she fit

I believe that with most airline you can look up their pet policy - depending on which on you choose. I've been looking into this as well lately and so far it seems that if the puppy stays in a carrie

Photo My Vizsla has calluses on his rear feet from his outside toes rubbing his next inside toe. Is this n
Photo I am about to bring home my first Vizsla puppy tomorrow and I'm wondering if anyone has any advice t

Most def use a crate-it will save your furniture and sanity! It will be hard at first for him to adjust so be patient bc it will happen. With the potty-training, my best advice is to use the same door

Photo im am wondering to get a vizsla but i want to know if i should. i have a child around the age of 4 y

You should definitely consider the vizsla. My vizsla has to be the sweetest, calmest, smartest, and above all the best dog I have ever had. They are a little hyper as puppies, but what dog isn't my fa

Photo I have a 16 year old Vizsla. He is doing great & we adore him!! He has been with us since he w

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