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Hello, I have 2 Aussie bulldogs which are sisters. 1 wouldn't hurt a fly and the other hates everyone except my partner and I. So much that we can't have people over our house because she growls and barks at strangers. This is also a huge issue when walking them. People are scared of her but she is so loving towards us. Do you have any idea what the cause of this could be? They have both had the same loving upbringing but are so different. Thanks, Lisa.

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You should check to see if she does this when she's by herself. That is, remove the friendly dog (may be take it for a walk), then have a stranger come over. Also test her by walking her alone. One issue could be that she's actually protective of her sibling. When there are 2 dogs in a household, and there is a problem, it's worthwhile separating them for training. They need to learn what's expected of them alone. Then when things are working you can introduce the other dog again. It's a guess, but my guess is that she's obviously the dominant dog. Get her training by herself. I'm sure it's something you can solve.

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