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I have a 3 month old Weim, who seems to be having anxiety problems. Can't be left along or he crys then pies in bed. Also we have left him in the backyard while we are out of the house. Per my neighbors he crys the whole time till the moment we get back. I'm guessing this is still anxiety issues. How do we fix them? Any advice?

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Thats pretty normal, my weimaraner, when it was just a puppy went right through the basement door, it was only a hollow core door, but the dog had ripped it up and then started on the outside door. The only way we fixed this was to bring it out with me all the time he seems totally fine in the car. If you have an outside job it would be best to bring him with you. Unless you work in an office.

Sorry but they r all the same. My weim is 2 and still gets so stressed out when we leave him even for a couple of hours. Worse still he is with our old spaniel. He pees right at the door. We are waiting till he is 5, seemily they get better!

Don't stress. We have an awesome Weim that is about 90lbs that we rescued when he was 10 months old. He had a ton of bad habits from NO training. When we first got him he whined and generally freaked out when we would leave or even leave the room. We started by leaving him for small incriments of time and then not making a big deal when we came back. We allow him in three places in the house and when he would leave his spots we would take him back everytime and make him stay. Now, we can leave him in his outside kennel (about 10x20) for hours at a time and he is just fine. Happy when we come home but again, we do not make a big deal of it. He is now the Weimaraner that everyone says, "I can't believe how calm and relaxed he is."

Unfortunately this is a very common problem and can only be resolved by being gentle but firm. Weims are often excessive barkers and in all truthfulness the separation from you is what is causing him to act out. Try leaving him for shorter periods of time. Start with one minute intervals and praise him excessively for not being destructive or whining when you leave him. Space these intervals out gradually until your pup feels secure in knowing you will return soon and he will be rewarded for good behavior. This will work if done properly. Also, water sprayed to the face is a good remedy for unnecessary barking and noise.

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