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I have a weimaraner that is very timid and shys around people. had her a yr. and has not been abused here .i couldn' hardley touch her let alone any one else. she alot better follows me everywhere and comes when call. but with husband she still shys down and very timid and shy around others. I don't know what has made her this way, i say she been really miss treated and was used for a breeding alot.shes 5 and can tell other dogs in pen had kept her from eating alot. she looks really good now and a very good dog, but i don't know how to get her out of being scared or shy.i felt sorry for her now i have her and need HELP

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The big problem is you haven't socialized your dog when she was a pup.Socializing a pup is very important.I don't know about other people but when she will be get used to your husband,she will be not shy as she is now.Don't worry.Some dogs are shy while some show that they are extremely brave and try to protect their pack (family) and they bark or bite a lot.Good, that your dog is not one of the 'extremely brave' ones. Hope this helps :) -Sreemoyee

This is very common behavior for Wiems. Try getting her fixed if not done already, then slowly begin socializing her with people who have very tender gentle natures and soft spoken voices, these dogs are often acquired for the wrong reasons and when they can't be "quick fixed" people tend to dump them. She needs a lot of time and patience. She will come around eventually. Took mine 2 years and the hubby still doesn't like her much but she's getting better everyday. Often what affects their psyche is hard for humans to contemplate. Try getting breed specific information, as these dogs truly are in a league of their own. Good luck and hang in there. She needs you!!!!

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