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My boyfriend and I recently rescued a 5 month old Weim. He was left outside since 8 weeks old tied to a dog house. He is very frightened of people, but warming up nicely to my boyfriend and I. Our problem is, he will not walk out the door to go outside and will not walk back inside either. Once, outside he is a perfect gentleman. This is getting difficult, as he weighs almost 40 lbs and getting bigger everyday!! Please Help

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My Weim has serious anxiety. I blame it on her being left alone a lot while she was a puppy. Maybe it's just anxiety of being left outside or being left inside.

Also, maybe if the weather is nice enough you could leave the door open for the dog to have a choice. Let the dog know he/she wont be locked out of one area or the other. It might help to relieve some of the anxiety of transitioning from one place to the other.

Use treats to coax him out the door and back in. Over time this will change when he learns he can trust you. Most likely the door frame signals his mind back to that doghouse you described him being chained to. He just needs a good reason to go in and out and a lot of praise, time, love, and patience. Whatever you do, NEVER raise your voice to this dog when training him to do anything. Weims are very sensitive to your tone of voice and can sense when you are frustrated or upset. They also shy away when they perceive they have done something "bad"! ~Patience, tone, treats, love! That's my prescription for this one.=0)~ Good luck!

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