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My son is in college in an apartment and wants a Weim. I am afraid he would not get enough exercise and be left in a crate too long. Anyone had one of these in college?

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I have a Weim and I'm a Senior in college. I've had her for two years. I leave her inside my apartment while I'm in class, and try to take her to the dog park at least 4 times a week.

Yes, I had one in college. Crated while at school and walked daily after classes. I was a nice break from the studies! I also found a local obedience and agility class to participate in.

i would have to say that NO your son should not get this type of dog as it will destroy his dorm due to lack of space and more than likely being overwhelmed by the dorm and other students. i would not recommend this breed, as an owner of three Weim''s, your instinct is correct!

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