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We have recently rescued a dog Weirmaraner who is nearly three. He is the perfect dog apart from wanting to fight with one breed, Rottweilers. Could you please tell me how I can sort this problem out?

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Older rescue dogs are always a tougher case since you can rarely tell what kind of life and training they’ve had. I recently got the chance to pet sit my friends Weimaraner and I was impressed with how smart he was. So, the good news it might not be that hard to train his aggression out. The main thing you need to establish with him is your dominance. His aggression is a sign that he feels dominate but is insecure with it. When he is around the Rottweiler, try keeping a leash with a choker on him. Give him about 1ft of leash, keep the choker high on his neck and keep him close to you. Try walking by the Rottweiler and give him a swift jerk when he starts to show even the smallest hint of insecurity or aggression. What you are telling him is that you are in charge, and that kind of behavior will not be tolerated. This will take time and repetition, but soon your Weimaraner should start to relax and not focus on the Rottweiler. Also, it is important that the Rottweiler is calm and submissive. If he is excited and out of balance, it may take a lot longer to get rid of his aggression.

We had a Weim who had bad early experiences with German Shepherds when he was a pup. Not outright attacks, more under the guise of playing/fighting, like would happen with other breeds except for some reason this breed just really seemed to become overly-rough and need to strongly dominate. When he was an adult dog he would pre-emptively "attack" any Shepherd he would encounter, likely due to his early experiences.

keep him away from rotts. they are an aggressive breed and your weim is a very protective breed who also originated by hunting large game such as bear, deer, and things of this nature. it is part of who he is!!!- so- keeping him away from dogs that make him respond in such a manner can only be prevented one painfully obvious way! those are two dog breeds that have no business being part of each others daily lives. not to be rude but the weim and the rott are a breed to be kept only by experienced dog owners, and the first rule of logic is to research the breeds!!! you are asking for disaster if you don't keep your weim and the rotty away from one another! plain and simple!

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