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We recently acquired a 5 month old weimaraner. He is scared of all of us, won't come in the door without being dragged. I would really like to keep him, but am entertaining doubts that he'll ever come out of his fearful behavior. Any help? Will he come out of it?

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This isn't any problem.The pup needs some time to adjust with all of you.Feed him, love him, care for him, and he will be compelled to love you all.He will surely come over his behavioural problems after some time. Hope this helps :) -Sreemoyee

Absolutely! Whims are not timid by nature. Someone made him this way. Be careful never to use a harsh or loud tone with the dog. Spend time down on his level using a very soft, soothing tone and try spending one on one time with the dog and you will notice a change soon. Try not to overwhelm the dog with alot of noise or too many different people spending time at first. Try to do it yourself adding family members one at a time to his social repertoire. Best of luck. Please remember months of abuse can take months to undo. Be patient, the dog needs someone to not give up on it as the last owners obviously did. Weim's are often misunderstood, but are brilliant dogs when properly cared for.

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