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(Welsh Springer) (Welshie)The Welsh Springer Spaniel is a sporty-looking dog.  Their medium-size bodies are covered in smooth, thick fur which should not be curly. Around the breed’s chest, legs, and tail, their white and dark red fur feathers slightly.   Behind the dog’s brown nose is a square muzzle that leads back to their roundish head.  In comparison to the more common Cocker Spaniel, the Welsh Springer Spaniel’s head is narrower and its muzzle is longer.  The breed’s dark or hazel-colored eyes are bright and prominent while their long, floppy, hair-covered ears cascade down the sides of their heads past their shoulders.  The Welsh Springer Spaniel’s legs are average size in proportion to their bodies, but their neck should be muscular.  The breed is born with a tail, but it is usually docked.  Their large round paws, like the rest of their bodies, are covered in soft fur. 

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Welsh Springers ears are short with a thick ear leather and when pulled forward should not be past the nose. The nose is black normally though a flesh colored nose is not a disqualification.

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Welsh Springer Spaniels are cheerful, eager to please dogs. They can sometimes be timid around strangers but with proper socialization that should not be a problem. The breed is wonderful with children and other dogs, but they need training when they are a young age.  Otherwise, their hunting instincts may kick in and cause them to wander away or escape from home.  Like most spaniels, the Welsh Springer Spaniel is has a lot of energy, so exercise is a must.

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16-19 inches
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35-45 pounds
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General Health

The Welsh Springer Spaniel can live approximately 12-15 years.  They are generally a hearty breed with few health concerns.  However, the Welsh Springer Spaniel is prone to cataracts, entropion, hip dysplasia, hypothyroidism, and seizures.

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The specific origins of the Welsh Springer Spaniel are not known, but references to the breed in Wales dates back to the 14th century.  All of the spaniels got their start in Britain and most ended up being breed together, so understanding how one particular type came into existence is difficult.  However, some historians believe the breed developed by crossing English Springer Spaniels with Clumber Spaniels. What is known is that at one point the spaniels began to be divided into those meant to hunt in water and on land, then later into springers and cockers.  By 1900, the Welsh Springer Spaniel became a separate breed from the English Springer Spaniel.

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Welsh Springer Spaniels should be brushed once a week. They also need the hair on their paws trimmed regularly. They do not need regular baths, but their ears should be checked and cleaned often to prevent problems. They should go for regular walks or jogs to help them release their pent-up energy. They also like to play games which keep their mind active, especially if they are not being used for hunting.

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Ideal Environment

The Welsh Springer Spaniel is the perfect active family dog. They need lots of exercise, but that need can be met by playing games with the dog or taking it for walks.  They can be happy in an apartment, but they will need long walks. It does well with children of all ages and with other dogs. The breed does fine with other animals, as well. It needs a family who has time to spend on socializing the dog properly to prevent it from becoming timid and overprotective later.  Welsh Springer Spaniels are adaptable and adjust well to any climate.

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