Photo I have a welsh terrier pup - almost five months old. After having her for a couple of weeks I notic

Yes I do! Thanks for the question. My dog's suffering just like yours! I even had to shave her to the skin, and I found she had fleas, lots and lots of fleas. Anyway, she's doing fine now, and I hope

Photo How many puppies do Welsh Terriers usually have?

4-5 is usual, although litters of 6 are not rare.

Photo I have 5 other dogs at the moment. 2 GSD males, 3 Malinois (2 males and 1 female). I would like to

A welsh in that bunch would rule the roost. Ours wAs consistently one of the more playful and bossy at our dog park.

Photo When deciding b/t a male and female welsh. Which one is more apt to stay around the family? Asked

females far more difficult

Photo I'm thinking about a Welsh Terrier for a companion. I have just fell in love with this breed. I have

Our Welsh "Velvet" was an outstanding pet. Active and fun outdoors but loving and quiet inside. She loved the occasional game of tug (like most terriers) which could be played inside or ou

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