Photo How bad are they to shed.

They dont seem to shed much at all. At least not as much as most dogs ive owned in the past.

Photo we are thinking of getting a westie puppy but live in an apartment and are worried if left alone wil

Yes they will bark, and if it's a puppy it will also chew the heck out of wooden surfaces such as chairs, skirting boards and even low window sills. It's a counsel of perfection I know but no puppy s

Photo what do you do when you are allergic to the dog's hair?

Westies have a coarser fur which rarely if ever causes an allergic reaction. In two and half years our Westie has never caused one in a wide range of friends including one with severe nut allergy and

Photo I have a 5 month old westie and her ears have not gone fully up yet, does anyone know when the ears

My Westie is 8 yrs old. His ears did not really stand up till he was about 10-12mo. The right ear stood up a good two months before the left did. Be patient they will.

Photo My westie is 15 months old and pretty much just has a wire coat. Does anyone know when the second l

Our Westie was in full thick double coat by 12 months. Some do take a bit longer though. Consult the dog's breeder to see if their dogs take longer. Also check the Westie's skin ...if it looks reddish

Photo we have a female westie and are thinking of getting a second westie for her to have as a companion -

She would probably enjoy a playmate. My Westie has been around other dogs her whole life and she enjoys making new friends and is very social.

Photo I have a girl westie who is about 9 months old and her ears are not standing up yet. Should I be co
Photo My westie is doing well, however on her higher back, like 3 inches by her neck her skin is all skabb

If it's oozing and bleeding please ring her to a vet! Sounds like skin allergies though ...this is common in Westies.

Photo How much do West Highlands actually shed. I don't want a dog that will leave hair on my clothing. Wi

I have had 2 westies now. The first westie I had never shed, however, my little guy now will leave a few white hairs on your clothes but no more then us humans do. I have never had hair balls or anyth

Photo How many puppies does a West Highland White Terrier have in a litter?

A westie usually has two or three puppies in a litter. Our westie had three puppies but one was two small to live.

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