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we are thinking of getting a westie puppy but live in an apartment and are worried if left alone will it bark alot??obviously we will be training it but does anybody know if they are still prone to barking?

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Yes they will bark, and if it's a puppy it will also chew the heck out of wooden surfaces such as chairs, skirting boards and even low window sills. It's a counsel of perfection I know but no puppy should be left alone for long periods. Like the article says, Westies love to travel with their families. Ours doesn't even mind waiting in the car for up to 45 minutes as long as he is brought along. (Not in hot weather of course.)

you shoud get him ( or her) a big crate and put food,water and a blanket for it to lay on(poop on too so make sure you dont use it anymore! :p

Crate your puppy when you are gone. Buy a KONG and stuff it with the liver paste. When I was getting ready for work got the kong ready the westie went in the kennel before it was even filled. She only got the KONG in her crate.

Yes, they bark alot. We got ours a shock collar and it works really good. He's only been shocked twice, and he knows. They have a personally of their own. Their awesome dogs.

All the answers here are great, as I've tried all of these. I never, ever ever leave the dogs out of the crate when gone. NEVER. I never keep them trapped inside the house either. I come home, they go out. We have a fenced yard on an acre and they tear it up. Westies ARE NOT LAP DOGS. They are earth dogs that love to dig, bark and are territorial and hunters. They are high energy dogs that need time to run it off. If you can't give that to them please don't choose a Westie. They are too wonderful a breed to be miserable, for they do become depressed and have all kinds of issues if not happy.

someone said they are not lap dogs..Someone should tell my westie that. he loves to sit in my lap. and will do so as soon as there is room he goes for it. WONDERFUL dogs.. Need to keep them brushed to advoid the shedding problems..

Crate train them while at 9 weeks old- when they start barking, do not indulge on it. Eventually they will learn that barking doesn't bring any response from you. It's not impossible to train Westies not to bark. It can be done. My Westy never barks. I was able to stop it's barking by simply not responding to their bark. It'll take awhile but Westies are smart.

I think it depends. My westie just turned one year old. i have a small yard but walk him about a half mile a day and play fetch w/ him for 30 minutes per day. i try to keep to that routine, but occasionally do more, but I never do less. when outside working I will keep him on a long leash so he can follow me or check out things on his own. He is never allowed off his leash, even when fetching the ball (I just let the leash go and stay close enough to him to catch it if he tries to chase rabbits, etc.) I used to have a cairn (she lived 14 yrs) and always loved these terriers for their adaptability.

I have a Westie. She is now 3 months. I opted not to indulge her barking. When she did, I ignored her or I gave her a shut-up cue. My sister just left and said she's the quietest dog she's ever spent time with. You need to be consistent, and decide from the beginning what you'll allow. She'll bark a little when playing, and when another dog is ignoring her and she wants them to play. Me when I'm getting he meal ready - thats it, for the rest - shes practically silent.

We have a two and a half year old Westie and we both work full time. We left him alone from 8 weeks old. However, we did crate him for at least 8 months whilst out at work. Its a good idea to get him used to being alone straight away by doing it slowly e.g 20 mins then 40 mins etc. Always make sure you come back to him and give him praise when you return. When leaving the room dont make a fuss or say goodbye as this will make them uneasy. Also make sure that someone comes home at lunchtime to let it out to go to the toilet etc. We found Its important to keep a good routine with westie puppies and always make sure you are the boss as this breed can be extremley stubborn if allowed to take over.

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