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what do you do when you are allergic to the dog's hair?

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Westies have a coarser fur which rarely if ever causes an allergic reaction. In two and half years our Westie has never caused one in a wide range of friends including one with severe nut allergy and asthma.

Well mine sheds. Every two days I'm vacumming the wood floors for the white fur dust bunnies in the corners and under the tables, but he's worth it!

I was very allergic to a cat we loved and my brother is allergic to their family dog. Solutions: first level of defense is to avoid hair or dander contacting sensitive areas like under arm, face by keeping your distance, washing after handling, even using a face mask. Limit the pet's access to areas where you will sleep, etc. Use a drop cloth for couches, etc. that you can clean easily. Get rid of rugs that you can't easily clean. Medication for severe cases.

Take allegra or something, but my brother has bad allergies and is not affected badly when he doesn't take his medicine. Westies are hypoallergenic.

Westies are non-allergenic.

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