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I have read that whippets avoid water and mud. Can anyone tell me if they are comfortable walking on the sand @ the beach? I ask because I'm not trying to buy a dog on a whim and want to make sure I have a good companion to take to the beach w/ me.

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My whippet paddles in water, runs through muddy swamps and absolutley loves the beach!! He is a pampered pooch but he is a great explorer.... luckily he also loves a warm bath!

Our whippet hates water but mud and sand are a completly different thing. The beach is his favorite place to play.

We purchased a home on the beach recently and our 7 year old whippet has certainly taken to walks on the beach with no concern for the water if a bird is to be had. On hot days with warm water temperatures he will swim a little and even goes on rides in the kayak! He needs his beach blanket and a wind breaker if it' windy or cold.

My wippy loves the beach! But he hates mud and water he keeps a good distance from the sea.

Mine too loved the beach and the waves, not so keen on baths and would not walk in the rain.

mine loves the beach and the sand but she will only put her paws into the water she wont swim only her paws go in the water and for baths at first she hated them but after a year it got easier to bath her.

I am living close to the beach I have 5 dogs including a whippet and she loves running in sand. it is also a great place to train your dog as it can sprint on the flat ground for a long distance.

My Whippet was a 'Whimpet' when I first got him but is now 'king of the beach' and not only plays with EVERY dog willing to join the fun will also run, play and swim in the water when given the opportunity. When not at the beach he ESPECIALLY loves his walks in the muddy 'wetlands' where he chases the ducks but mainly just delights in getting as disgustingly dirty as he can in the shortest possible time. You have to love Whippet coats 'cos by the time we return to the car my crazy mud puppy seem to have reverted to my clean and smart Whippet friend!

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